Costa Rica – 250g Pack


Costa Rica Sonora Honey Natural

Region: Central Valley

Growing Altitude: 1,200–1,300 masl

Arabica Variety: Red Catuai, Yellow catuai, Venecia, Borbon, Geisha, Villalobos and Villa Sarchi

Harvest Period: December–March

Milling Process: Cherry, chocolate, hazelnut

Flavour: Chocolate, nutty

Body: Smooth

Acidity: Winey



The Honey Natural is a blend of 50% black-honey processed coffee and 50% natural-processed coffee. Black honey process means that those coffee beans were processed with 100% of the mucilage still intact. Honey Natural was developed as an espresso base or single-origin espresso and is nicknamed “red-gold” for the velvety crema it produces.

This Honey Natural is a dry-mill blend of all the Sonora’s varietals and process styles. The coffees that go into this blend are processed more efficiently than others and create a very special cup.