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Our Story

J.J. Darboven has been brewing coffee in Ireland since 1989. The name Eighty9 is a throwback to the year that Eamonn started our journey. The beans inside are from the best growing regions on the planet, cultivated by dedicated farmers, and roasted by experts, in Ireland.

Our small lot roastery in Ireland allows us to produce region specific coffees, which are truly at the forefront of the coffee movement. Our ethos is simple, each master roaster must know how to interpret the colour, the aroma & even the crackling of roasted coffee beans, to ensure that each and every bean is roasted to perfection. After all, we breathe coffee.

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We know good coffee when we taste it, now there is no excuse not to make exquisite coffee available in every corner of our country. Drop in for a chat and a brew and find out how you can serve Eighty9 in your café, restaurant or office. If your timing is right, you might even see, and smell us roasting fresh coffee!

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